What to Eat

"...then what DO you eat???" people frequently ask me. 

This sub-page is to post some of the things I DO eat- all in pictures :)  !  

tastes better than regular mayo and costs the same 

acquired taste but not bad really, clears arteries instead of clogging them

cleans out arteries 

removes the fish excuse

tastes better than cow milk and cooks the same, except wont harden for pudding. many types/flavors...

steamed veggies of all sorts are delicious! 
frozen fruit w stevia and soymilk- blended! delicious, lots of combos possible!

dandelion heads fried in butter with breading mix- delicious! 
sweet potato w broccoli- yum! 

mixed veggies are good stir fried or steamed 

coat eggplant in corn meal and pan or deep fry 
slice potatos w apple corer, deep fry
or bake in butter/sauces and add herbs

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