Friday, September 11, 2009

Carnivores are Cannibals

Why do people eat meat anyway? After putting a lot of thought into this for several years, I have boiled down the answers to a few important reasons:

1. They were lied to when they were little kids, and brainwashed by their parents and t.v. Society backed up the lies and schools reinforced it. See older posts for lists of such lies. So they are brainwashed with nonsensical lies, and conditioned into thinking it is okay somehow for their health, the environment, and the animals.

2. They simply never make the connections that people with normal brains do. Meat is the muscle tissues that were ripped off the carcass of an animal. When animal tissues die, as from the death of the entire animal, they begin the process of decomposing. Unless they are preserved by infusion of caustic chemicals- such as leather. Is meat leather? No, it is non-preserved, dead tissues. Decomposing/rotting flesh. Refrigeration is a slow-down measure is all. Although these statements are obvious and should be considered common-sense, very few realize them. The connection to reality just isn't there for meat-eaters.

3, They are lazy. Eating meat is easy and cheap, and becomes a habit they just don't want to bother breaking. Too much trouble.

4. They are akin to drug addicts. Willpower is very low in meat eaters, and they just can't stop it, or so they think. They crave it like drug addicts crave their dope, or a smoker craves their next cigarette. It is a routine for them and changing it is beyond question- it just will never happen in their minds.

5. They have a serious mental problem. If you learn of extreme cruelty and then laugh it off or block it out, you are by definition psychotic or sociopathic. It is well established that cannibals and serial killers have a common mental problem stemming from injury to the pre-frontal cortex/frontal lobe. But excessive smoking also damages the pre-frontal cortex. So do heavy smokers eat more meat??? It sure seems like it to me. After years of heavy smoking, they lose their sense of right and wrong, and develop similar attitudes as cannibals/serial killers. Not too much of a stretch, really. Killing and eating animals is just as cruel, painful, horrifying, and evil as killing and eating humans is. So laughing off the fates of the animals they eat, supporting hunting, and acting arrogant and closed minded towards vegetarians is all part of their mental illness. Their brains are damaged and the brainwashing reinforces the errant beliefs. Tying together smokers and heavy meat eaters is not really too ridiculous if you think about it. How many vegans smoke? How many hunters smoke?....Not all carnivores smoke, but mental problems can occur in anyone, reinforced by delusions (societal brainwashing) and aggravated by second-hand smoke, chemicals in the meats, and other toxins. (This illness/addiction is well illustrated in a creepy movie called Ravenous.)

These are the main reasons people eat meat. It can be any one of or a combination of these. But at least one of these factors will be present in any carnivore's mind.

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  1. Excellent discourse as always, who the heck can argue with this; who would dare? You cannot turn your back on logic, and this is fantastically written to where no one can question it's veracity! Bravo again for another masterpiece!