Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Answering Carnivores

I am a stalky person, at 220 lbs. and mostly muscle. So whenever someone finds out I am a vegetarian, they are invariably shocked. Once they realize I was not joking, the questions begin. Here are the most common ones, and my standard answers to them:

Q: You eat fish don't you? (always the first question!)
A: No, I said I am a vegetarian. Vegetarians by definition eat only plants- not animals. Fish are not plants. Fish are animals.

Q: But I know someone that's a vegetarian, and they eat fish (or chicken, turkey, etc.)...
A: Then your friend is not a vegetarian, they are claiming to be just to get attention. Vegetarians do not eat animals.

Q: Then what DO you eat??!
A: Anything without meat in it. Just look next time you are at the grocery store. There are a lot of foods without meat in them.

Q: Like what? (still not comprehending that there are foods without meat in them)...
A: Salads, pastas, casseroles, box dinners, fruits, vegetables, grains and nuts, potato based items, other stuff....and combinations thereof.

Q: But how do you get enough protein? Do you take pills for it?
A: By eating. Plants have protein in them too, which is more than enough. How do you think cows get to be 1,500 pounds of muscle- by eating grass! As long as I am not literally starving to death, I am getting enough protein.There are protein powders you can get for bodybuilders, but vegetarians don't use them nor need them.

Q: But you have to eat special foods then, right?
A: No. I have made no effort to eat special foods of any kind and have yet to become protein deficient, skinny, weak, anemic, or anything else. I am fine. All of the vegetarian guides written by animal rights groups and so-called medical professionals always tell you to eat a strange mixture of blackstrap molasses, nuts, this/ that/ and the other- so you will get 'enough' protein from your new plant-only diet. But it is all overkill.

Q: If weightlifters take all those protein supplements, then it must be good for you....
A: No it is not! They may be getting quicker results building muscle mass with this stuff, but they are also damaging their livers and kidneys. Plant proteins and animal proteins are slightly different, and the plant ones do not hurt you. But the animal ones have been proven to be the cause of virtually every human ailment there is, especially cancer. Why risk all this to have bigger arms?

Q: Then why would doctors eat meat if it is so bad for you?
A: For the same reason some doctors smoke. Anyway, most medical schools do not even have nutrition classes, and registered dieticians are just taught the same old flawed, biased 'science' that we were all taught in grade school. Every scientific study and every large human population study ever done on human diet has proven beyond any doubt that meat consumption is very, very bad for you. (except the studies paid for by the meat industry).

Q: Then how come Eskimos live longer than us even though they eat whale blubber, seals, and fish all the time?
A: That is a myth. The truth is that Eskimos have one of the lowest life expectancies of any culture in the world: less than 35 years. This is surely due to their diets.

Q: Well I can't give up my meat.....
A: I am sorry to hear that. Once someone stops eating it for awhile they realize how bland it really tastes compared to other foods. But it's your health....

Q: Yeah, but we are a 'meat and potatoes' kind of family.
A: What is your family's history of obesity, heart attacks, strokes, cancer, and other ailments? Because these are all caused by eating meat. And what do potatoes have to do with it?

Usually, by this time, they run out of points to argue and get very uncomfortable. Then they awkwardly excuse themselves somehow and slink off...................

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