Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Protein Myth DEBUNKED- Again!

Yet again, the protein myth has been debunked- this time by the author of this site!

I had a blood test done by a doctor, who sent it off to a diagnostics lab in Lenexa, KS. The results were mighty interesting. I will state right now that anyone wanting proof of what I am about to say may request a copy of the test results, and I will scan and email the lab report to them.

The report says I have normal levels of everything. Everything. Including protein. That is interesting because I have been a vegan for 16 years now. But the blood test reveals that my protein level is 7.4, and the reference range is 6.2 to 8.3 . Imagine that.

And I never once in my ten years of being a vegan made any attempt at all to 'get enough' protein, take special supplements, eat certain foods or combinations thereof, or even try tofu. Ten years of living without animal proteins, and I am fine. Strong, stalky, healthy, and protein-perfect- according to the lab.

Just think on that one for a bit...

originally posted this note on 5/09; now as of 4/16, my bloodwork has consistently- without exception- yielded perfect protein levels up to the present day. And I still make no effort to 'get enough' protein. I have no idea how to cook tofu and take no supplements. 

do i really get my blood tested every 6 months? yes i do! because i have type 2 diabetes, and they do a test called H1Ac bi-yearly to see if medications need adjusting...

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