Monday, May 18, 2009

Burger King / Bullshit King : NO vegan options

Burger King- home of the flame broiled Whoppers!

That logo is even more fitting than you may realize, since 'whoppers' also means 'lies' in the vernacular...

They sell a product called a 'veggie burger'. It is basically a whopper-style sandwich, but with a veggie-patty instead of meat. This is supposed to be a great alternative for vegetarian and vegan customers.

However, it is not at all: Burger King does not like to talk about the fact that their veggie patties are cooked in meat grease! All of their veggie patties are cooked right alongside their meat patties. Though it is on a chain grill, the chain is still very greasy and the grill's interior air is filled with meat smoke and meat grease. Plus, these patties contain tapioca, sugar, and "grill flavor". The buns contain butter, polysorbate-60, and stearates. The mayo on them contains eggs, sugar , and more polysorbate-60. (See link to animal ingredients list at right). No vegetarian would eat this, if only they knew how it was cooked or what was in it...

I did know though, as I used to work at a couple of them. So I tried to order one- but cooked in the microwave instead of on the grill.This was before I knew of the icky ingredients, by the way. They refused. I had to argue with the manager about it. She informed me that there are health code laws which require meat to be cooked to a certain internal temperature, so the microwave was not sufficient. When I asked what that had to do with it since the veggie burger is not made of meat, she stomped off. The funny thing is- this same exact event unfolded at two other stores in that same area (Kansas City), one in Cape Girardeau,MO , and again in Omaha, NE. The only difference was that not all of the managers stomped away, but all of them did refuse to serve me because of my simple request.

I decided to write to PeTA about it. I thought maybe they could contact the corporate headquarters of BK and get them to change their policy. No response. Now, years later, I find this snippet on the web:
PeTA gives BK an award for their veggie burger! (original article taken down down by peta- wonder why?)
It says nothing of how they cook it in meat grease.

Peta likes to make ridiculous compromises, putting p.r. above animal welfare. For example: KFC.

Regardless, if you are a vegetarian do not eat at Burger King- their "veggie" burgers are not fit for herbivore consumption!

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